STHLM TECH Meetup is Europe's largest gathering of startups each month. 

Q: What do Stripe, Klarna, Skype, and SuperCell  all have in common?..

Atomico is simply one of the best investors in tech globally. A few weeks ago Atomico invested in Stockholm startup PocketLaw ($11M series A) which will join on stage to share exactly how they did it, detailing every step of the journey.

Last week Juni made big news..."Swedish fintech Juni raises $206M" and will tell us how they did it. 

Today, Validio made big news... ”Zlatan-backed data quality startup Validio raises $15m”  Validio will join us tonight to share how they did it :)

Come meet Atomico and PocketLaw, Juni, Validio and more and watch 3 of Stockholm's newest and hottest startups pitch on stage, and stay for the dinner party after at Fat Cat

17:00 - Networking in the bar
18:00 - Presentation
18:30 - Interviews 
19:30 - Startup pitches
20:30 - Networking at the bar
21:00 - Dinner Party at Fat Cat (RSVP)